Thursday, October 20, 2011

What would you do if you knew the world was ending tomorrow?

The Cast, Writers, and Production Team of the Apocalypse of John answer the question:

What would you do if you knew
 the world was ending tomorrow?

Kymm Walker- Actor playing Charlene

"If the world were ending tomorrow, I would get all my family, my closest friends and their families together and have a giant party. Drink tons and eat everything I'm too guilty to eat otherwise. Epicurean revelry!"

Ari Kessler- Writer, Composer, Pianist

"It would take a lot to convince me that the world is actually ending -- very little short of a visible fireball in the sky or a worrisome number of zombies at the door would do. But, if the evidence was right, then I suppose I would try to simultaneously indulge in all my favorite human experiences, which might be hard, depending on the type of apocalypse at hand. In no particular order of priority, then: I would eat an unhealthy amount of guacamole, break into the Steinway store on 57th street and pound on a really nice piano, ski, loot a liquor store for some good booze, swim in the ocean, enjoy quiet time with my family, watch football, stroll through an autumnal forest while pondering the inherent absurdity of human existence, have freaky sex (note: may be applied to all other activities, except the family thing), enjoy a great novel, and last but not least, play a last round of Scrabble -- I want to die with the taste of victory in my mouth. It would suck if I lost that last game."

Jason Vance- Actor playing Stinky Dan

"Proposition all attractive strangers."

Becca Worthington- Writer

"If the world was ending tomorrow, I would immediately head to Penn Station and hop an express train back to Virginia, because I’ll be danged if I’m ending my life in the North when I could be drinking mid-shelf whiskey in a bar with my sister and a bunch of men with handlebar moustaches and belt buckles with Eagles on them. Then I would find the nearest Southern-drawl cowboy and beg him to take me off-road mudding, where I would stand up and holler, white-knuckled in the bed of his pick-up truck, screaming until my throat hurt. And then I would head home, barefoot, in the early morning hours, take a vanilla bubble bath, and curl up between my parents on the living room couch, my father reading aloud from a book, my mother stroking my hair, my sister huddled under the throw-blankets with us, praying and hugging until our arms cramp."

Erin Salm- Actor playing Maggie Arofat-Goldstien

"I would have to serve both sides of myself as quickly as possible. If I'm honest, and I am, I would most likely want to quickly locate any significant other or if needed find an attractive man who would most likely be quite like minded in the end of the world "goal" and the expediency required so that we could make the most of our last day. Then I would hightail it back to my hometown, hitchhike if I had to, where my sisters and my brother-in-law (he's from Puerto Rico and I would imagine flights would be grounded, poor guy) would also gather. My father would grill steak and chicken and we'd have veggies from the garden and heavy downhome icecream to finish. Then we'd sit on the deck where we'd intermittently pray, sing, retell old stories of our lives and stare at the trees till the trees were no longer there to be watched."