Monday, May 25, 2015

See The Magic Jukebox at the FringeNYC 2015!

Our Official Listing....

Tickets will be available July 17th 2015 on the official FringeNYC site!

We will have five performances (to be announced) during the festival 8/14/15 - 8/30/15.

The Magic Jukebox: New York City World Tour
Serious Theatre Collective's Musical Sketch Comedy For Lovers and Platonic Friends

Twelve action packed genre bouncing musical sketches from hardcore hair metal to panty-dropping R&B, enchanting madrigals to down home gospel— and much more. Featuring a live band, epic offstage battles, Lovecraftian elder gods, and three real dolphins (played by humans)!

Writer/Book: The Serious Theatre Collective
Writer/Lyrics: Lizz Leiser
Musical Director/Composer: Ari Kessler
Director: Lizz Leiser, Kacie Laforest, Nick Masercola
Starring: Chris D'Amato, Abby Goldfarb, Sam Durant Hunter, Kacie Laforest, Ciara Curran, Kymberly Tuttle, Britton Saffer
Live Band: Ricardo Delgado, Ari Kessler, Andrew Hollis

Run Time: 1h 15m

Genre: Musical / Comedy