Sunday, July 22, 2012

Serious Theatre Collective WINS at Coney Island!

Saturday July 21st 2012

The Serious Theatre Collective wins 2nd Place at the Coney Island Sand Sculpting Contest! 

After spending a day at the beach slowly burning our collective skins the Serious Theatre Collective took home a sweet $200 prize with our Apocalyptic Sand Sculpture which featured a city being swallowed by a tsunami, two crash landed alien space ships, and Satan himself rising out of the Earth to advertise for our Fringe Shows/lead the final battle detailed in Revelations!

Winning Second Place @ the Coney Island Sand Sculpture Contest

Photo Montage STC @ the Coney Island Sand Sculpture Contest

Our winning sculpture featuring a tsunami wave, crashed aliens, and the Devil himself. 

The tsunami rising wave out of the earth to destroy the city. 

Additional views of the tsunami wave as it washes over the city. 

Side view of the end of the world, featuring the lightning bolts shooting forth from the devil's hind quarters as he emerges. 

Beginning at 12pm we worked with feverish intensity until the 3pm judging- where sure we gave the judges the full theatrical experience during their rounds. 

Close up on the doomed city. 

Ricardo Delgado digs to the center of the Earth. 

Erin Salm, aka Maggie in The Apocalypse of John, enjoys an appropriately themed "Zombie" at our after-contest celebration. 

The Serious Theatre Collective and friends celebrate our win. 

(Left to Right) Lizz Leiser, Damian Martinez, Becca Worthington, Andrea Fellows, Katherine Harris, Jacob Moore, Kymm Walker, and Erin Salm. 

(Not Pictured, but part of the team: Rachel Lewett, Antonio Flores, & Maria)

The envelope containing Two Hundred American Dollars. 

Lots of Additional Fun: 

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