Monday, October 13, 2014

Track/Scene #13 of "The Magic Jukebox"

Track/Scene #13 of "The Magic Jukebox"
STC's Musical Sketch Comedy for Lovers and Platonic Friends Vol. 1!

FREE Tickets Available Now!

The Serious Theatre Collective Presents 

The Magic Jukebox

Musical Sketch Comedy for Lovers and Platonic Friends Vol. 1

The Magic Jukebox is a new theater event at the South Street Seaport
sponsored by the Howard Hughes Corporation.

With the announcement of the Howard Hughes Corporation sponsorship the Serious Theatre Collective is offering FREE* tickets to ALL SHOWS!
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 Tickets are still available, but they are going fast!

A world premiere, the Serious Theatre Collective brings you the ridiculous joy of live musical theater with the packed laughs of sketch comedy. What happens when aliens invade earth and the only way to defeat them is to sing a Broadway power ballad? How does an ex-con avoid going crazy when his dark inner monologue is sung by a barbershop quartet? What happens when two best friends accidently sell their souls for a jukebox that can play literally any song? (Want to hear the song from Kanye West's dream last night? Done.)

Join the Serious Theatre Collective for an evening of our most unique, entertaining, and hilarious sketches underscored by original music played by STC's live band. Featuring a wide variety of musical styles and genres- from R&B to hair metal to Barbershop Quartets, The Magic Jukebox will delight audiences from the theater new-comers to veteran Broadway addicts.

The show is runs approximately 75 minutes and contains 18 original scenes complimented by custom artist-created set items, and accompanied by a live band.

The Serious Theatre Collective, winner of the 2012 New York International Fringe Festival Overall Excellence Award: Best Ensemble, is committed to bringing fun entertaining theater to a wide range of audiences.

*Have you already purchased a ticket to the show? Don't fret! We are working diligently with our ticket sales platform to provide refunds for all ticket holders who bought a ticket before the sponsorship took place. We appreciate your patience as we work out the logistics on the back end, but we are optimistic that we will have things taken care of soon! Please, note even though we will refund your tickets, they will still be completely confirmed and reserved!

The Magic Jukebox
STC’s Can’t Miss Musical Sketch Comedy for Lovers and Platonic Friends
Run Time: 80 minutes

Cannon's Walk @ South Street Seaport
206 Front Street
New York, NY 10038

All Shows: 7:30pm door, 8pm curtain
Thursday 11/6
Friday 11/7
Saturday 11/8
Thursday 11/13
Friday 11/14
Saturday 11/15
Thursday: 11/20
Friday 11/21
Saturday 11/22

The Magic Jukebox is a new theater event sponsored by the Howard Hughes Corporation
Tickets are FREE and can be reserved online:

Credits From left to right: 
Sam Durant Hunter, Kymberly Tuttle, Britton Saffer,
 Ricardo Delgado, Kacie Laforest, Mike Drummey

Not pictured but, absolutely in killing it in the show: 
Laura Aristovulos, Abby Goldfarb, and Kirsten Almeida

Photo by: Morgan Shortell 

The Magic Jukebox is an Equity Showcase.

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