Sunday, November 16, 2014 Reviews the Magic Jukebox!

New Review! says, "...a truly New York experience, and once the hour-long show has ended you’ll likely find yourself humming the songs...I absolutely encourage you to reserve your ticket online, IMMEDIATELY."

Read the full review here (in Italian) or here (delightfully translated by friend of the STC Annie Shapero)

All photos by Laura at

the first ever pop up theater in Cannon's Walk
@ the South Street Seaport

Right to left: Britton Saffer, Kacie Laforest 
in STC's animatronic "Intro"

Left to right: Laura Aristovulos, Sam Durant Hunter, Kymberly Tuttle
in STC's animatronic "Intro"

Sam Durant Hunter
about to save the world with science "Alien Invasion"

Left to right: Kymberly Tuttle, Mike Drummey
on a first date in "Gods of Bullshit"

Left to right: Britton Saffer, Sam Durant Hunter, Ricardo Delgado
helping the broken hearted in "Mid to Late 90s R&B Cure"

Left to right: Abby Goldfarb, Britton Saffer
over everything in "the Critical Condition"

Left to right (top row): Kymberly Tuttle, Abby Goldfarb
Left to right (bottom row): Britton Saffer, Mike Drummey
on a hipster's journey in "the Critical Condition"

Sam Durant Hunter
shows buyers an apartment in Manhattan's hottest up and coming neighborhood in "White Noise"

Left to right: Kacie Laforest, Laura Aristovulos, Kymberly Tuttle, Sam Durant Hunter, Britton Saffer, Mike Drummey
living the nightmare of a Barbershop Quartet that sings your innermost thoughts in
 "...And My Stream of Consciousness Was a Barbershop Quartet"

Left to right: Abby Goldfarb, Kacie Laforest, Laura Aristovulos, Kirsten Eagen
about to make some magic in "Karaoke Crisis"

Left to right: Sam Durant Hunter, Kacie Laforest, Mike Drummey's beard, Kirsten Eagen
exposing the horrible truth about dolphins in "the Dolphin Interpreter" 

Left to right: Andrew Hollis (guitar), Ari Kessler (piano) Ricardo Delgado (drums)
the live band

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