Thursday, February 17, 2011

Interview with Kirsten Rani Almeida.

Kirsten, who plays the role of The Scanner and lead singer of the band, chills with the STC (Serious Theatre Collective) to answer a few Prousty questions.

1. Your favorite virtue.
2. Your favorite qualities in a man.
Sense of humor
3. Your favorite qualities in a woman.
As long as they're not bitchy :) I like 'em

4. What you appreciate most in your friends.
Support, love, and great conversations

5. Your dirtiest secret or detail that you wish to reveal here.
That I'm doing a show about awesome kinky dirty fetishes and I'm devoted to my lord & savior, Jesus Christ.

6. Your idea of happiness.
Being surrounded people who love me for all my zany quirky goodness
7. If not yourself, who would you be?
A mix between Kelly Clarkson & DJ Lance

8. Your ideal meal would consist of... (you may choose an appetizer, a three-course main, a dessert and a beverage.
A sweet Jersey tomato salad with fresh mozzarella, a big ol' honkin' lobstah with buttah, chocolate creme brûlée, and a whole lotta good white wine! And the more wine!

9. What is your present state of mind?
Holy shit we open tonight (ed note: Kirsten does in fact know the day of the week. She answered this on opening night, Friday Feb 11.)

10. How many of the 15 fetishes do you have, and to what degree? You may specify.
Consider me Rita. I think my OCD keeps me from being kinky and dirty

11. Has doing this play affected your sex life? If so, how?

12. Your most-listened to tracks on my iPod (or other MP3 player).
Ummm whatever I'm rehearsing for at the moment so I guess I've been listening to a lot of Nick Sula
13. Your motto.
Life is like a litterbox! when shit happens, cover it up and walk away!

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